Mike`s Coin Catalog

Mike`s Coin Catalog
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I have been collecting coins & currency for most of my life. What started out as a hobby has grown to be a way of life.

Now I collect for the hobby, fun and history of the coins/currency. I would rather have coins or currency thats been circulated rather then one that in perfect or "Proof" condition as the worn ones make you wonder who has handled that piece of money and what did they buy with it.

I do collect also for the investment, the silver is the main ones I collect for investment purposes.

I have just in the past year tried getting in to metal detecting, so far have not done too good with that except for modern day change, ie 1980`s and up. No silver or anything special yet but then I have only been in a few places just to get the "swing" of things.

I had to give up my first collection due to health issues but when I got healthy again I started collecting again, it seems like I am more in to it this time and my collection is about 500 times bigger what it was before. I have coins/currency now that I never dreamed I would be able to have, I am still giddy about some of my collection.

Even though I do not have the extravagant coins/currency as some people, I think my collection is pretty good for someone who can`t afford the expensive high graded stuff.

Most of the prices given here are from "The Official Red Book, A Guide Book Of United States Coins 2017", approximate grades are from the "PCGS Photograde" ap which can be viewed online or downloiaded in the Ap Store.